About Us

NexxOne Technologies

Understanding the love that iPod and iPhone owners have for their devices, NexxOne Technologies, Inc was founded in January 2008. Based in Bellmore, New York, we aimed to establish ourselves as a reputable designer of innovative accessories and accoutrements for Apple Products like the popular iPhone, iPod, MacBook and MacBook Pro.

Being ardent Mac Users themselves, we were able to understand Apple’s design philosophy and thus maintain a delicate balance between form and function. We are committed to designing and producing everything from fashionable cases, cables, transmitters, earphones, screen protectors, sleeve bags and speakers to meet the needs of Apple’s demanding consumers. Coupled with the iPod and iPhone’s continued dominance in the consumer electronic market, our strong network and partners in the Asian region allows us to be in touch with current trends as we continue to develop exciting new products to compliment Apple’s diverse product range.

At NexxOne, we take our product development seriously; from initial design to finished product packaging, attention to detail ensures that our product meets the highest standards, are user friendly and affordable. Our Warranty-backed quality line of products and solutions reflect the sophisticated taste of our valued consumers, at a price they can easily afford.

NexxOne is always on the lookout for dealers and retailers who have an interest in distributing our well-designed, cost-effective products. Dealers and retailers who are interested will be provided a wide variety of support and incentives to enhance profitability.

Our Vision

To establish NexxOne as the brand of choice by delivering the best products using the most advanced technology, and constantly upgrading its unique product line to meet customers’ satisfaction.

Business Policies

As we aspire to be a global designer and producer of quality products, we are committed to providing a safe place of employment and safe operating practices for our employees, vendors and consumers.

Our Quality

NexxOne together with our consumers and suppliers, will continually improve our systems, processes and operations to provide quality products and services in a timely and cost effective manner, in order to meet or exceed the requirement s and expectation of our consumers.

Our Commitment to the Environment

As a responsible corporate citizen, NexxOne is firmly committed to the protection of the environment and human welfare through energy conservation and the prevention of pollution from our operations. We believe in the continual improvement of our products and operations and subscribe to the three pillars of our environmental management system:

  • Complying with all applicable environmental regulations and other related requirements,
  • Conserving and reducing energy consumption, and
  • Recycling non-renewable resources, wherever possible.


NexxOne Technologies, Inc
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